Welcome to the sigtag galleries of Country Pixel Paws

If you are looking for some unique graphics that have been created from my imagination and my heart, you have come to the right place!
All of my little creations will be sure to enchant you and keep you coming back for more.
Everything I design is put together with a lot of love, creativity, and time.  There is a lot of effort that goes into my work and I hope that it clearly shows.

If you are looking for blinkies, please think about joining and registering for a free account on my pixel forum.  From time to time I may put some blinkies up for request over there.  I have retired myself from creating blinkies and they are no longer being offered here in my gallery.  I created them from the early 2000s to 2018.  My love for them, as well as my drive to create them, has sadly faded away.  I apologize to everyone who is a fan of my blinkies and who have been collecting them over the last several years.  I just do not enjoy making them anymore and the blinkie community itself has died.  
If you are still creating blinkies yourself, and you purchased some of my blinkie boxes in the past, please show a little respect and continue to give me credit for what I designed if you are still using them.
Thank you ♥