Please Note:  This section of my gallery features creations put together with tubes I have personally shaded. Everything you'll see here is 100% colored by me. It's rare that I use my own stuff, but now there will be a little area here dedicated to my work for all my fans to collect and enjoy.

Blinkie boxes and fonts may be changed at my discretion!

New additions are added at the bottom of the page

galaxy magnolia

IBC Hallo 01

IBC Hallo 02

Ikle Fraken Couple

Just Tilly

Tilly Witch

SC-Itty Bitty-Green Dragon

SC-Itty Bitty-Jared Wizard

SC-Itty Bitty-Ravyn Goth

SC-Itty Bitty-Lillian

SC-Itty Bitty-Kiwi Fall

SC-Itty Bitty-Black Cat

SC-Itty Bitty-Chubz Witch

Chubbie Witch's Pumpkin House

IBC Fairytale 01

IBC Fairytale 02

IBC Fairytale 03

IBC Fairytale 04

IBC Fairytale 05

IBC Fairytale 06

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon

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