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anchor bear

astro bear in space

bright smiles sailor

bubble bath bruno

buddacup faerie

buttercake love

catching some rays

catching waves at the beach

charity panda fishing

cherry bee

choco faery

crafty girl

dadaisydoo 01

flurrie honey & bees

fuzzy butt watermelon patch


ivy tummie cupid lair

nibbles kisses

panda bee

pearberry paulie fae

bummin at the beach

princess bear

princess peanut

roasting marshmallows

scruffie bee

scruffie butterfly

caught teddy

scruffie: lots of love

sandy toes beach babe

flurrie panda fae

snitching honey

teddies 04

teddies 05

teddy in garden pot

teri heart bear vday



tweedlepuff ladybug

vw oat

nesco teddy bee

cool by the pool

panda bee 02

cyril key

mailing luv letters

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon

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