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MARCH 9 2018

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old news

September 12, 2017

I was unable to transfer over my members database from Precious Little Pixels.  The password protection database that I used for several years no longer exists, which is why many of you had trouble logging into the old members area at PLP.

 I have a new domain and my site is no longer on freewebs, and a different way that the members area is password protected.  New members are now assigned a username and password given by me to access the members area.  When you request access to the members area, please be sure to include your membership logo whether it's from Enchanted Hollows or Precious Little Pixels so I can verify you are a lifetime member.  Failure to not attach that logo, I will simply skip over your email and go onto the next.

If you were a lifetime member of Enchanted Hollows or Precious Little Pixels, you do not have to rejoin this site for membership.  It's still me, same type of pixel site, just a new name and on a new domain.  If you would like your membership reinstated please contact me!