Shayna's Itty Bitty Crew Insatiable Props

Shayna's Itty Bitty Crew is back once again by request!
In this new collectable series, I have supplied you with tons of props that is so versatile with the other 2 sets.
In this fun set you will receive new outfits and hair styles for your characters, even two toned rainbow hair! (only one sample is shown)
Included with your purchase of this set also comes a bonus set of additional Halloween backgrounds and flags, which can be used with the 2 previous sets if you own them!
You'll really want to collect them all!

Credits to the line creators are listed on the file.  A few I have drawn myself. 

» Tubes are end use only & sold for a limited time  «


Please use the order form I have for you at > How to order

Bonus set